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Serious Little Things is my digital scrapbook and sketchbook that I use to workshop and share the ideas I’m playing with in my work as a Creative Learning Experience Designer. Here’s a quick breakdown of what that title means to me:

  • Creative: learning experiences don’t have to be boring or traditional to be effective - I believe in trying new things, combining seemingly unrelated ideas, and occasionally using unexpected or unconventional materials to foster creativity. 

  • Learning: Humans are always learning, it’s what we do. Learning doesn’t just happen in school, it happens everywhere and throughout our whole lives. To me, learning is the process of becoming more fully yourself, and everyone is a learner.

  • Experience: This website focuses a lot on materials, projects, and tools for learning- but when I design for learning I think about the whole experience from arrangement of space to how to make learners feel welcome

  • Design: While I conduct research and spend time facilitating and teaching, I primarily identify as a designer. I describe my work as an interdisciplinary design practice

Wondering about the basic “who are you?” details?

  • B.S. in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University, M.S. in Creative Technologies and Design from the University of Colorado Boulder, currently wrapping up a PhD in the same program. (I’ll be on the job market in 2024, get in touch to collaborate!)

  • Working as a Research Assistant in the Creative Communities research group at CU Boulder where we design and study how creative technologies can be equitably and creatively used in informal learning spaces.

Featured Work:

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