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Welcome to my virtual creative learning lab, I'm Celeste.

I design and study creative learning experiences* that engage curious minds of all ages.


* The experiences and tools I design are often interdisciplinary, playful, material-rich, and connected to the interests and values of learners. I recognize that learning is a social and cultural process and that learning happens everywhere. I most often work with learners and educators in museums and science centers, makerspaces, libraries, and schools. My toolbox is multidisciplinary – I bring in practices and skills from my experiences in art and design, science, technology, informal education, and educational research. You can learn more about the experiences I design, facilitate, and research below.

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"Lab Experiments"

I'm always tinkering and experimenting with materials, tools, and technologies for creative learning. The "experiments" page is a place where I keep track of these moments, share resources, and make my process visible. I believe that being generous with our ideas benefits everyone. Visit the experiments page to view experiments and sort them by topic, materials, and tools.

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

Creative Learning Sparks

Creative Learning Sparks are posts that round up resources, websites, tools, ideas, readings, products, etc. that may be relevant to anyone who is interested in designing creative, interdisciplinary, material and tool-rich learning experiences

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