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From Book-Making to Jewelry: Using Pop-Up Book Mechanisms to Make Shape-Shifting Paper Earrings

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

I created these shape-changing paper earrings to experiment with using pop-up book mechanisms outside of books. The idea was to go from a simple and minimal design to a flashier design by pulling a tab on the earrings.

In this Creative Learning Sparks post, I highlighted the YouTube channel that I followed along with to create this mechanism. I highly recommend taking a look whether you're interested in paper crafting and pop up books or not. The mechanisms are so fascinating and ingenious.

Now that I know a little more about how these mechanisms work, perhaps I'll try making some earrings that are shaped a little less like a square book.

I'm also still wondering how else pop up book mechanisms might be used outside of book-making!


This project supports:

  • developing understandings of simple mechanisms

  • combining function and aesthetics

  • transferring skills, practices, and ideas from one domain to another (e.g., from book-making to jewelry making)

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